executive council

  • Dr Dilip Karnad
  • Dr Uday Nadkarni
  • Dr Avinash Date
  • Dr Bhujang Pai
  • Dr Snehal Sriram
  • Dr Vinita Salvi

about DrCorp

Dr Corp is an organisation that serves as a platform for medical specialists who are world renowned in their field of expertise. Besides being top ranking consultants, the members of this organisation possess other strengths such as excellence in teaching in the field of healthcare, medical writing and research. We work in unison to provide high quality services to patients and health care organisations. Our USP is not just academic brilliance and medical expertise, but a team of doctors that cares deeply for its patients and their families and is committed to their complete well being and welfare. The group is a judicious mix of talents with many of us having worked in the field of medical education in public hospitals for many years before making a successful transition into the corporate world of healthcare. We believe that an optimum combination of expertise and compassion is the necessity of the day and we are the right group to provide this service. We strive to ensure that our patients and all the other people that we serve, get nothing but the best in medical care and that any project that we undertake is designed to perfection, whether it is patient care, research or medical teaching.

Our core area of competency is management of high risk cases. The organisation provides medical care services for patients both in India and abroad. A team of highly competent doctors provides expert guidance for healthcare. Our team works in close coordination with the local healthcare giver and organisation. This ensures that patients are cared for in a knowledgeable and coordinated manner with a continuum of care which results in the best outcomes in terms of recovery and patient satisfaction. The hospital management of the organisations that we collaborate with is assured of excellent patient care with a systematic and hassle free running of their services.